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After completing rehab and inpatient therapies, addiction aftercare can be a vital way to support long-term recovery. There is a wide array of aftercare therapies that complement a sober lifestyle. Addiction treatment centers offer aftercare programs and can also provide recovering addicts with information about other area programs that will complement their long-term recovery.

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Addiction Aftercare Overview

Millions of Americans suffer from relapse involving drugs or alcohol. Drugs like heroin and meth are associated with especially high rates of relapse. In fact, meth addicts are more than 90% likely to suffer a relapse. Recovery aftercare programs can reduce the risk for relapse. This type of addiction programming helps provide recovering addicts with skills needed prevent succumbing to drugs or alcohol. Recovery aftercare programs also help people to maintain sobriety during the difficult period when they leave rehab and reenter their old lives with its triggers and temptations.

Recovery aftercare programs are designed to help addiction sufferer effectively manage the triggers in their lives so they can reach their goal of long-term sobriety and prevent relapse. These programs encourage recovering addicts to attend 12-step programs like NA or AA and help them with advice and therapy for changing their lifestyle to better manage triggers. Aftercare programs ensure that when patients emerge from rehab, they have optimum support for their long-term recovery.

People who leave rehab face real challenges and risk relapse. While the intensive part of their recovery may be complete, the long-term challenges remain. Recovery aftercare programs target the factors that may lead to relapse. Therapies help recovering addicts overcome these targets and effectively manage their triggers. Some of the factors that can trigger relapse include relationship conflicts, stress, and negative emotions.

Addiction Aftercare Program Types

There are various types of aftercare programs that range from halfway houses and AA and NA programs. Programs like 12-step programming often feature mentors that help people manage their triggers and refrain from relapsing. Some aftercare programs target certain demographics like teens and specialize in helping them ward off relapse. Others might help teach recovering addicts new skills to obtain new employment.

Addiction aftercare specialists sometimes rely on cognitive behavioral therapy to prevent relapse. This type of therapy addresses thought patterns that have previously led the sufferer down the path toward addiction. By learning to better manage psychological triggers, recovering addicts can more effectively recognize and avoid triggers.

Some types of addiction aftercare programs involve groups as well as one-on-one counseling sessions. Many people find that participating in both types options have positive effects on their long-term sobriety. Aside from traditional aftercare programs, there are alternative therapies that may appeal to some people recovering from addiction. Art therapy, for example, is designed to help people express themselves in mediums beside words or language. Often, patients who have suffered a childhood trauma find this therapy particularly helpful.

Other effective aftercare therapies that recovering addicts find beneficial include the SMART Recovery method that relies on behavioral, cognitive, and motivational therapies designed to prevent relapse. In this program, there is a strong emphasis on self-control and self-discipline. Other helpful aftercare recovery programs include music therapy, equine therapy, and restorative yoga. The myriad of choices allows recovering addicts to choose programming that best suits them.

If you are suffering from addiction, an addiction treatment center can help you overcome your substance dependencies. By participating in high-quality addition aftercare therapies, you can reduce your risk of relapse to reach your goal of living a sober life. Addiction treatment centers can help you find the ideal addiction treatment programs in your area that specialize in your form of addiction.

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